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Professional philosopher and self-professed geek, Roderick Long, has begun blogging his way through Star Trek: TOS. The latest entry looks at the pilot, The Cage, in light of eudaimonia and Nozick’s experience machine. It’s worth a read.


2 thoughts on “Elsewhere on the Web …

  1. Thanks a lot – great blog! I have TOS on blueray – so I could even cross- check the detailed comments on the enhanced version 🙂
    I found the pilot impressive when I saw it the first time, and I enjoyed the way it was included into a regular episode later.

    Some of the episodes were very philosophical indeed – I guess the budget constraints were tight, so the scriptwriters needed to come up with plots that required one room only and props inherited from other movies. That’s why we saw so many historical castles and City of Rome clones. I wonder if the some of the writers were trained historians or philosophers?
    The aliens’ costumes often looked as crafted from 1970s curtains (such as in the pilot).
    But this is part of the cult – as Monthy Python’s coconuts representing the horses!

    • I’m a big fan of TOS. As you say, the low budget and primitive special effects are part of the charm. It was always about the ideas anyways, not how flashy the sfx were.

      I’m slightly envious of your Blu-ray collection. 😉 I don’t have TOS yet, but I do plan on blogging my way through all the Star Trek films from The Motion Picture through Into Darkness.

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