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spiderman-in-web-0013For your weekend reading, here are few items of geeky interest from around the web:

Lorenzo Semple Jr, the writer who brought Batman to television in the 60’s, has died. Semple also wrote the cult favorite Flash Gordon (1980).

An alternate cut of Gravity kind of shortens the movie.

On a related note, here’s some cool Soviet propaganda art from the space race era. In Soviet moon base, air breathe you!

Just in time for the sequel, both CinemaSins and Honest Trailers have a go at Captain America.

Speaking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there may may be some loopholes that would let Spider-Man join the fun.

Ye Olde Medieval X-Men designs. Reminiscent of Marvel 1602.

Sticking with the medieval theme, what if Game of Thrones were a classic sitcom? And from the same creative team, Firefly as an 80’s action sci-fi show. Actually, Firefly was an 80’s show in spirit, so it’s only appropriate to give it an intro to match.

A fun entry from Longbox Graveyard on how Conan comics overcame the strange taboo about drawing nipples on shirtless male characters. It’s okay to have scantily clad women, but don’t show male nipples! But wait, does this mean we have Roy Thomas to blame for the Joel Schumacher bat suits?

Speaking of bat suits, here’s a visual history of DC live action costumes. Wonder Woman has only one entry, but Cathy Lee Crosby and Adrianne Palicki have both played WW in failed TV pilots and their costumes differed from Lynda Carter’s. For me, the actors who embody these roles are Lynda Carter, Christopher Reeve, and Adam West.

Well, that pretty much brings us full circle. If you have any geeky links you’d like to share, feel free to post them in the comments.


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